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I lead four walking writing workshops each year alone some of the world's sacred walking paths. Join me! To learn more, email me at


This may be my mid-life crisis . . .

This blog started as a graduate school field project in 2018, morphed into a thesis research project in 2019, and now continues as an ongoing exploration of the connection between walking, creativity, and writing.


That is to say, having found a research-verified connection between walking and increased creativity, especially in the area of writing, I am now walking and writing daily and posting the creative results of that meandering here. It might look like poetry. It might show up on the post page as prose. Or, it could simply show up in the form of a report on what I saw as I walked.

Really this space is simply a place for me to offer to the community what I write alone. Why? Because writers write to be read. If even one other person reads what I put down on the page, that need is fulfilled.


I started my graduate work because I felt like I was at a creative dead-end. I had serious writer's block. I had serious photographer's block. In other words, I couldn't hear my own voice. The work that led to my Master's in Integrated Arts & Education helped me find my voice -- through writing, drawing, vocalizing, and research. 

Now that I've  heard it, I can't seem to get my voice to shut up. So thank you, patient reader, for listening. For reading my work, polished or raw as it may be when it arrives on this blog.


When people ask me what I do, I am learning to say: I am wandering. Because that is what I am doing. I am wandering on paths across the planet and on sidewalks right outside my door at home. I am wandering in my heart and through my soul. I am wandering through ideas and thoughts and feelings. They are wandering onto the page.

However often you check back in, you are part of my work, of my wandering, and of of keeping my voice alive and strong and heard. Thank you.


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