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37. Our Little Camino Group: Kim

The Beat That Keeps Us Going

You with the energy

Of several dancing pilgrims

Doing a can-can in hiking boots

You with the ever-ready smile

First thing in the morning

Pumped, no matter what

You with the enthusiasm

Of a lone adventurer

But the heart of a whole community

You with the determination

To get up and go

Even in the cold and rain

You with the encouraging words

Your heavy pack carried as light as a feather

Continually grateful to be here

We with the too tired bodies

Dreaming Santiago into being

No longer believing it really exists

We with our feet dragging and backs hurting

Our minds already there but not

Our thoughts sometimes sneaking off to consider a taxi

You keep us around the table at night

And I say to myself "How did we do it before her?"

And "How would we have made it without her?"

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